PATENT# 7290350

It's Fast

It's Easy

It's Accurate

The Only Tool that gives custom
picture framers the exact
length to cut fillets and
enhancers for a perfect
fit the first time.
SAVE TIME   No more multiple trips to the sander to get a good fit. You will be able to measure and cut a fillet frame in about 90 seconds.

SAVE ON WASTED MATERIAL   Use the instrument properly, and you will never cut a piece of fillet too short again.

SAVE YOUR EXPENSIVE SKILLED LABOR FOR OTHER TASKS   Even an unskilled helper will find the FILLET MASTER easy to use.


This video will show the operation of the Fillet Master on a floor model chopper. The instrument also works with single and double miter saws. If you have DSL or cable the video will play in just a few seconds. If you have dial-up it could take 25 minutes to download the 256K version or 12 minutes to download the 128K version. I suggest starting the download, minimize it, and find something fun to do for a while. Then you can come back to be amazed by the simplicity of this incredible instrument. Or you can brows the web site to learn more about the Fillet Master.

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