"I never pushed fillets in our shop because of the difficulty I had in cutting them well. It is truly amazing. Now I try to convince every customer with a grandkid's finger painting to incorporate fillets. I never have to trim or re-cut fillets anymore. It will pay for itself after your second or third order."

"When I was teaching new framers how to cut and fit fillets the old way, pre-Fillet Master, it was an afternoon of drudgery, frustration and occasional tears. I taught two newbies today how to use the Fillet Master and they both had theirs measured and cut within five minutes. After doing two or three more they'll be able to get that down to two minutes. Worth every penny and pays for itself after just a few fillets."

"I bought it at a time when I was training 3 new employees- an entire new staff. It was worth every penny, as I sell a lot of fillets."

"We do a lot of fillets and this thing saves time and makes it a very easy task."

"Thanks again for inventing such a great tool! I don't get to say that much about any tools younger than 100 yrs old."

"It takes a few minutes to adjust it the first time you use it but after that it is very accurate and saves tons of time. Great tool!"

"When it comes to measuring fillets, the Fillet Master is very easy to use, and its accuracy is amazing. This instrument is going to change the framing industry."

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