The Fillet Master allows you to measure openings from 3" to 32". By adding the length extender, you will be able to measure openings up to 44". If you are fitting a fillet or enhancer in a deep frame (up to 11/2") profile, just add the height extenders for accurate measuring.

Since no two mitering machines are exactly alike, the Fillet Master has a feature that allows you to calibrate it to your individual machine.

ATTENTION! The manual is shown as it went to press. Print all 19 pages and match the number of the instruction to the same numbered illustration.

All that is required are 2 simple adjustments.

Adjustment 1.

to the width of the rabbet.
Adjustment 2.

to the opening of the mat
or frame.

Once the FILLET MASTER has been adjusted, it's simply a matter of placing the instrument on your chopper, single or double miter saw, and then set the machine's slide stop as shown in Figure A or B.

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